Planet Earth

How did the Universe begin? When did the Universe begin? Why did the Universe begin? How will the Universe end? How did Earth begin? When did Earth begin? Why did Earth begin? When will Earth end? How did life on Earth begin? When did life on Earth begin? Why did life on Earth begin? How will life on Earth come to an end? How did humans begin? When did humans begin? Why do humans exist? When will human existence come to an end?

Is Earth the only heavenly body in the Universe to harbor life? How did God begin? When did God begin? Why did God begin? Who or what created God? Who or what created the thing that created God? Does God even exist? Do Hell and Satan exist? Does Heaven exist? Does an afterlife exist? Does eternal life await (some) humans in Heaven after they die? And, if eternal life does exist in Heaven for humans to enjoy after they die, then why do these humans have to die in the first place? What is the origins of origin? Humans have asked and have sought to answer these kinds of spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical questions for as long as they have walked the face of Earth. To this day, as of 2015, the answers to these kinds of questions are highly disputed and are hotly debated by lay persons, scholars, scientists, and theologians alike.

As of 2015, nobody on Earth knows the answers to these questions with 100% certainty? The only thing that humans know with absolute certainty is the fact that they are alive in the here and now. By virtue of being alive and by virtue of participating in Existence right now, this reality makes humans—and all life—children of the Earth and citizens of the Universe. Humans truly are one. Why, then, must humans murder one another? Why, then, must humans plunder their one and only habitable home, the Earth?

It makes no sense for humans to engage in these kinds of counterproductive pursuits. After all, it is the human organism who has proclaimed itself to be very wise (that is, with the Homo sapiens sapiens designation).

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